Laser Controlled Levelling Machines/Systems

There are a few methods to level stone, tarmac and similar materials.  However tennis courts are small scale and often with difficult restricted access limiting the size of machinery that can be used.  Some will use string which is kept level with chogs and manually rake/shovel the stone to this level.  Reliable if done correctly but prone to human error and fatigue.  Small scale tarmac laying is mostly done with a large heavy metal beam manually pulled over metal box section rails to achieve the level.

Years ago I considered these methods impractical, limiting production to human endeavour and just too old fashioned, no advancement since roman times.

My method uses the predictable accuracy of modern lasers.  I am sure someone else in this area may have something similar now, most do not, but I was the first to do so for small scale works like tennis courts in "back gardens".

Jointly developed on board bespoke PCBs and with PIC16f621 chips programmed to prevent hysteresis amongst other details. It will work in a slower but continuous manner, therefore completing the process at least as quick as other methods but more often it will be quicker.  No human fatigue or error here.

For levelling stone less than 40mm, each layer of different sizes should be as thin as possible.  If it is too thick the stone will loose its structural integrity.  My slow speed method allows these thin layers to be laid accurately giving good stone interlock.